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Image Gallery

Image Gallery

Title:  Farewell Party 2020

Title: Good Luck Party 2020

Title: Republic Day Celebration 2019-20

Title: Pariksha Pe Charcha

Title: Student Selection In Pariksha Pe Charcha

Title: Science Quiz Competition 2019-20

Title:  Ek Bharat-Shreshtha Bharat 2019-20

Title: Felicitation Ceremony 2019-20

Title:  Solo Singing Competition 2019-20

Title: Annual School Fete and Motivation Session of Regio

Title: Fit India School Week 2019-20

Title: Painting Competition 2019-20

Title: Road Safety Awareness 2019-20

Title: Childrens Day Celebration 2019-20

Title: Cultural Program in Kakoda Mela 2019-20

Title: Run of unity 2019-20

Title: Traffic Awareness 2019-20

Title: Vigilance Awareness 2019-20

Title: Rangoli Making Competition 2019-20

Title:  Happy Independence Day

Title: Bareilly Cantt Aviation Unit

Title: Girls Safety Awareness

Title: Sport Day Celebration

Title: Closing Ceremony of Summer Camp 2019-2020

Title: Summer Camp Activity 2019-2020

Title: Red Day Celebration 2018-19

Title: Children Day

Title: Poster Making Along With Slogan Writing 2018-2019

Title: Health Checkup 2018-2019

Title: Coco-Cola Factory,Parsa khera Bareilly

Title: Educational Trip Milk Chilling Factory, Salarpur,

Title: English Story Writing Competition & English Story

Title: Gandhi Jayanti Celebration 2018-2019

Title: Teacher Day Celebration 2018-2019

Title: Poem Recitation Competition 2018-2019

Title: Collage Making Competition2018-2019

Title: National Sport Day 2018-2019

Title: Rakhi & Rangoli Competition 2018-2019

Title: Fancy Dress Competition 2018-2019

Title: Educational Tour Municipal Corporation, Budaun 201

Title: G.k. Quiz & Spellathon Comptetion 2018-2019

Title:  English Calligraphy Competition 2018-2019

Title: Blue Day Celebrated 2018-2019

Title: Funcity Trip 2018-19

Title: Closing Ceremony Of Summer Camp 2018-19

Title: B.L. Agro Industries Ltd. 2018-19

Title: Summer Camp 2018-19

Title: Yellow Day Celebration 2018-19

Title: Methodist Church 2018-19

Title: Solo Dance Competition 2018-19

Title: Drawing Competition 2018-19

Title: Clay Modeling Competition 2018-19

Title: Sports Day

Title: Event Independence Day

Title:  Fancy Dress Event

Title: Event Sanskrit Week

Title: Event Career Awareness Program

Title: Event Rakhi Making

Title: G.K. Quiz Competition

Title: Event Solo Dance

Title: Event G.K. Quiz Competition

Title:  English Calligraphy Competition Event

Title:  Blue Day Event

Title:  Jim Corbett Event

Title: School Funcity Tour

Title: Dolphin water Park Event

Title: Annual Function Event 2018