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Mother Athena School, Budaun

Admission Procedure Session : 2018-19

Admission open for classes PG – IX and XI

Age criteria :

PG 2+
NC 3+
KG 4+

Receptionist Duty

– Ms. Anupam Mani, Ms. Priyanka Rani (Parents Guidance Team)

Registration Form :-

PG – VI No Fees.
  • Directly send for Personal Interaction.
  • Incase child is shortlisted takes Rs. 100 and provide admission form.

VII – XI Rs. 100
  • Take Rs. 100 and give registration form along with prospectus and till them to appear for written test.


PG – VI Personal Interaction
VII – XI Entrance Exam + Personal Interaction


  1. Chayanica
  2. Pavitra Yadav


Mr. Tribhuwan Singh/ Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh

PG – VI Personal Interaction
VII – XI Entrance Exam + Personal Interaction

Duties :-

  1. Admission incharge check if the form is duly filled.
  2. Should verify the documents with original and write it on form as well. From time to time original documents should be shown to admission committee members as well.
  3. In no case admission to be confirmed if documents are not submitted.


“All documents to be self attested"
  1. Stamp size students photograph - 2
  2. Remember to make separate file for family photograph’ class wise and chose files to be kept @ Akhilesh’s office (properly cocked)/scan copy of all photographs in one system such computer system should be kept @ Akhilesh’s office and one @ gate.
  3. Birth certificate :- Certificate give by Nagar Nigam/Municipal Body. BC issued by hospitals are not to be considered. BS helps in assuring/confirming age of child. Photocopy only need to kept original to be returned to parents after verification.
  4. TC :- Incase of Birth certificate. And incase you do not identify school then take TC as well as Birth certificate.
  5. Pass Mark sheet :- Take photocopy and Admission incharge should duly verify it with original.


  1. Enter school and meet receptionist.
  2. Receptionist will issue registration form and duly check if the form is filled or not.
  3. After form is filled send the parents and child to meet Ms. Chayanica & Pavitra only after confirming from them.
  4. Respective member should evaluate the child in just manner and after judging should either refuse politely or confirm. Once confirmation done ask receptionist to issue admission form and prospectus against 100 Rs.
  5. Receptionist should inform about documents required alongwith No. of photographs.
  6. In Registration form it should be mentioned by Principal or Principal incharge by when admission can be taken.
  7. When parents have filled the form then respective incharge will check and verify all the documents. If required original documents can be shown verified by Director, Principal. Admission Incharge maintain one admission procedure register also. In this register old strength should also be mentioned class-wise. If not names should be entered class-wise and section-wise as well. (To be done by Principal only)
  8. Once documents are verified admission incharge will bring the form to Principal, Principal will then sign and mention on form that fees can be collected.
  9. Collect only Principal Admission fee, Always run that provisional admission fee can only be collected one time. Receipt of the Principal Admission fee slip to be put in students file only (Not to be given to parents).
  10. Once the fee is submitted form will come me or Pavitra mam again and then me or Pavitra mam will mention the name in admission register (after allotment of admission number) and finally allot the section and then me/Pavitra only mention the name in attendance register (Green Pen) and fee register as well.
  1. Enter school and meet receptionist.
  2. Since admission is on the basis of entrance test so registration form to be given against payment of Rs. 100 and date of entrance to be informed.
  3. Child appears for entrance test and copies are then checked by respective teachers.
  4. Result will be produced by examiner incharge and that file/register will be shown to Principal/Director and they would finalise the students shortlisted.
  5. Shortlisted students will be then informed through Test message or Phone-call.
  6. (After repeat the same procedure as above; mentioned in point 5 – 10)

Admission criteria for class – XI (Old Students)

As communicated to students allotments of stream for class XI was done on Pre-Board result. Students were informed about the same.

For science stream:-

  1. First 80 students (that means till rank 80) students were given any stream of this choice.

Commerce Stream:-

Students after rank 80 were allotted commerce only.

Ans. The child need to appear for entrance exam which will be conducted by school only. Students need to secure more than 50% marks for the students need described stream and subject for egs. If a child wants Maths stream then the child need to secure more than 50% of marks. Similarly for PCB the child need to secure more than 50% marks in Science subject. A child can even be called for personal interaction.